[02] [Pre-PhD] Madrigal-Ballestero, R., Capitán, T., Salas, A. (Accepted). Household and community responses to seasonal droughts in rural areas of Costa Rica. Waterlines.

[01] [Pre-PhD] Madrigal-Ballestero, R., Albers, H.J., Capitán, T., Salas, A. (2017). Marine protected areas in Costa Rica: How do artisanal fishers respond? Ambio, 46(7): 787-796.  [view]  [ungated]

Under review

[Pre-PhD] Determinants of food insecurity among smallholder farmer households in Central America: recurrent versus extreme weather-driven events.

[ ~ ] Optimal sizing, siting, and enforcement levels of Marine Protected Areas.

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[~] Time-of-Use Pricing and Residential Electricity Demand: Evidence from Costa Rica, with Francisco Alpízar, Róger Madrigal-Ballestero, and Subhrendu Pattanayak.